Thyatis's Revolt

Things have been very busy in Thyatis lately. In recent months, the soldiers and sailors of the Thyatian army and navy, who are normally push and arrogant, have been outdoing themselves. On the Isle of Dawn, half of which is controlled by Thyatis and half by Alphatia in an uncomfortable state of near-peace, off-duty Thyatian soldiers have been more-than-commonly aggressive toward off-duty Alphatian soldiers.

At the same time, Thyatian warships have been very confrontational towards ships of non-allied nations and have been accused of piracy against trade-ships from Norwold and other Alphation territories.

Meanwhile, in Thyatis City, the gladiatorial festivities are more lavish then ever, the parties and festivals are being thrown more often and with wilder abandon; all in all, it’s a very entertaining place to be… until one spring day when everything goes wrong

On this date, an enormous riot takes place in Thyatis City. The lower classes have for months seen a steady decline in the quality of the free bread passed out every morning in the city, bread which sustains the life of thousands of poorer Thyatians. While the size of a typical loaf of bread has shrunk in half, the loaves handed out have been only have-cooked and usually swimming with maggots. Finally the city’s lower classes revolt, storming the Coliseum during on of the gladiatorial games.

Significantly, the Thyatian legions inside the city are poorly trained and badly led; they are unable to put down the rebellion. Far too many legions from other Thyatian cities have to be brought in to quell the insurrection, but quell it they finally do.

Over the next few weeks, the scandal continues to worsen as it is discovered that funds which were to be spent on the free bread were being diverted to fund several senators’ nightly festivities, notoriously decadent affairs. Additionally, many Thyatian officers are charged with dereliction of duty or with incompetence, especially those who appear to be addicted to the dangerous zzonga fruit; the are executed.

Many of those convicted for embezzlement, bribery, and corruption break out of jail and leave for foreign parts, often in the company of their paramours, women of foreign nationality. Subsequent investigations of the Thyatian prisons reveal that they are rife with corruption; dozens of jailers and military officers involved with the prison system are executed.

Thyatis's Revolt

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