Asterius's Temples Burned

In Alphatia, dozens of temples of the Immortal Asterius are burned to the ground over a period of days. The Alphatian capture the arsonists — a band of Glantrians.

These Glantrians, elves of the Erewan clan, claim to have been envoys from Glantri to Darokin. They say that they were magically put to sleep and awakened within a burning temple of Asterius. However, magical probing with a wish spell reveals that they, too, have two sets of memories about the event. One set clearly shows the elves aqccepting a mysterious cloaked man’s commission to destroy the temples of Asterius.

Empress Eriadna rushes the investigation through the judicial system: the Glantrian elves are quickly tried and sentenced to death.

The Princes of Glantri protest the trial but make no direct attempt to rescue their envoys.

After hearing this news, the group agrees that this sounds like the group of Glantrians they meet on the road to Darokin City. The date of the fires also seems to correspond to the date you were with them.

Asterius's Temples Burned

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