Karameikos Mility branches

Military Branches of Karameikos.

The Karameikos military is divided into 5 divisions:

1st Division: aka Guard Phorsis or City Guard

This branch is responsible for protecting the city of Specularum. It is lead by Captain Mikel Vorloi.

2nd Division

The 2nd division is split into two parts.

Duke’s Guard

This branch is specifically responsible for protecting the Grand Duke.


This branch is responsible for protecting the the dukes park and the forested area’s around Specularum.

3rd Division aka Royal Navy

This division is the Grand Duchey’s navy force.

4th Division

The 4th Division is charged with the responsibility of guarding the northern and eastern frontiers of Karameikos. It’s divided among three fortresses:

The Mountain Storm

They guard Castellan Keep in the Altan Tepes mountains.

The “Gobin Crushers”

Guard the Duke’s Road Keep in the mountions on the road to Selenica. Charged with keeping the road open.

“The Sword of Halav”

Guard the village of Rugalov on border with Thayatis.

5th Division

Guard the Western Keeps

“Hell’s Jailers”

Guard the Radlebb Keep near Luln. Parts of this division now stationed at the former Slavers Stockade, which the group now owns the dungeon part of.

“Fury in the West”

Guard Rivrfork Keep on the Darokin border

Karameikos Mility branches

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