Tag: Immortal


  • Arik of the hundred eyes

    Arik is either an immortal or a demon, reported to have a hundred eyes that he has hidden across the land. When found they tend to wreck havoc. The group found and destroyed one of his eyes at the palace of the silver princess.

  • Atruaghan

    Patron immortal of Atruaghan clans. From sphere of matter. Enemy of [[:atzanteotl | Atzanteotl]].

  • Loki

    Immortal of betrayal and deception. Worshiped mostly in northern reaches, but illegal to worship in most locations, so worship is kept secret. Enemy of Thor and other Northern Reach immortals. From sphere of entropy.

  • Ixion

    Sorek's immortal, most powerful immortal in the sphere of energy. Patron of the sun and fire.

  • Thendara

    Patron immortal of "Kingdom" of Haven. Also known as the protector to the locals.

  • Thor

    Immortal worshiped by Darqwan and Magnus. From the northern reaches, from the sphere of energy. Sponsored by Ixion.

  • Vanya

    Female immortal of war, conquest, victory etc, worshiped in Karameikos, Heldannic territories and Thayatis, and many other parts of the world.

  • Rafael

    Rafael is the Patron Immortal to the Shadow-elfs. Not much is known about him by the surface dwelling races. He supposedly requires the Shadow-elfs to leave any deformed children in tunnels as sacrifice.

  • Atzanteotl

    This immortal has been known to manifest himself in two forms, a handsome elven hero dressed in black, or a jet-black feathered serpent with the face of an elf. He is known for his fascination with the process of corruption, he enjoys turning good …

  • Ka The Protector

    Immortal of sphere of Matter Patron of Living Races, Keeper of Life and Culture, The Amber Serpent Symbol: An amber coloured winged and feathered serpent Appearance: Ka has several manifestation forms, each associated with one of his pseudonyms. …