Tag: Friends


  • Jeddarian Corran

    Owner of Corran Keep. The group cleared out his keep which was inhabited by "lightning zombies". Now taking care of [[:crackle-aka-young-edgar-corran | Crackle / aka Young Edgar Corran]].

  • Crackle / aka Young Edgar Corran

    Friendly and helpful "zombie" that provided useful information. He was taken to civilization and taken in by [[:jeddarian-corran | Jeddarian Corran]]. Several Glantrian Mages gave the group a contract for a mage who would probably like to buy the boy.

  • Rheddrian

    "Alien" rescued from a mirror/shield, who claims the world is in peril from energy leaking from devices from his ship. Disappeared to parts unknown.

  • Ricardo

    A merchant that Richard met while protecting a caravan. Ricard refered Richard to [[:jeddarian-corran | Jeddarian Corran]] for a mission. After that mission was complete he hired the group to deliver a package to the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.

  • Andros Levinik

    Andros is a Cleric of Halev and belongs to the Cult of Halav. He has convinced the group that the should join forces in finding the shield. He hopes that the group will allow him to give the shield to the cult of Halav when the mission is complete.