Before they were heroes

Here is a timeline of events that have brought the party together along with a few other world events of note.

The current year is 1004. The year consists of 12 months each with 28 days. The months (in Thyatian calender) are: Nuwmont, Vatermont, Thaumont, Flaurmont, Yarthmont, Klarmont, Felmont, Fyrmont, Ambyrmont, Sviftmont, Eirmont, Kaldmont.

28 Thaumont: Bruen Lightforge leaves Rockhome under mysterious circumstances.

9 Flaurmont: Sorek receives a strange visit from Bruen Lightforge.

10 Flaurmont: Gladiator slave named Gaar buys freedom in Thyatis city. Flees Thyatis.

25 Flaurmont: Assisnination attempt on Priest of Thor in Vestmont

26 Flaurmont: Avenger named Darqwan assigned to investigate possibility that assasin will be part of Dwarven caravan in Rockhome, leaves for capital of Rockhome, Dengar.

1 Yarthmont: Dinah in Irendi asked by Brother Han to adventure in Karameikos, makes plan to travel to arrive in Threshold in Karemiekos.

8 Magnus Lightforge leaves home to investigate fathers disappearance, heads to Dengar

14 Yarthmont: Magnus Lightforge and Darqwan hired as guard for the caravan.

15 Yarthmont: Darqwan and Magnus and caravan leave Dengar.

16 Yarthmont: Riot occurs in Thyatis city as lower class storm the collisium. Riots caused by noblemen skimming money reserved for bread for the poor, which is now “swimming with maggots”. Good thing Gaar got out in time.

5 Klarmont: Caravan arrives at Selenica in Darokin

6 Klarmont: Gaar arrives at Selenica, learns that caravan will continue to Specularum in Karameikos. Hired as guard for caravan.

10 Klarmont: Caravan leaves Selenica

23 Klarmont: Bruen Lightforge leaves for Haven

25 Klarmont: Dinah arrives in Threshold.

26 Klarmont: Caravan arrives in Threshold

1 Felmont: Caravan leaves Threshold, with Dinah as new guard.

10 Felmont: Offical start day of compaign.

In the morning as the caravan was preparing to set off for the day a spectacular event was witnessed.

A large green dragon flys over the road just north of where the caravan is, it is coming fast from the north west. About 5 seconds later a second large green dragon flies over, appearing to be in hot pursuit. The two dragons fly across the river to the east of you. About 15 seconds later you notice a third much larger green dragon flying lethargically after the first two. It is much larger then any dragon you have heard about and appears to be very ancient. It is barely flying above the trees, and its tail hits some of them causing pine cones to fall on the caravan. This causes the dragon to increase its altitude. The first dragon make a u-turn and slams into the 2nd. The two dragons can be seen to be clawing and biting each other, as the 1st continues to fly back the way it came. Then the 1st dragon spots the larger dragon and lets out a panicked roar, and burst past it as the third uses its breath weapon on the 1st. The 1st dragon did not seem aware it was being pursued by the 3rd until too late. The 2nd and 3rd dragons continue to pursue the 1st back the way they came. You can see them flying for miles until finally they look to be the size of bees. Finally you witness one fall from the sky. It is too far away to determine which one, but it is a good guess it was not the 3rd. The other two appear to continue flying north west until you cant see them anymore.

This of course is the talk of many rumors and debate amongst the caravan. Of course just about everyone in the caravan is a foreigner, or not from this part of Karameikos, so not much useful information is gathered (at least not to the point you can consider it to be reliable).
The caravan stops a few miles from the city gates of Specularum to eat lunch. It is tradition to meet a old Dwarf hermit named Sorek at this spot and invite him to lunch. This is the spot where his cart broke down as part of the caravan ?? years ago. His cart has been moved about a tenth of a mile off the road.

While eating lunch travelers going in opposite direction stop for a few minutes and trade rumors. Rumors are that there have been some humoniods (goblins, kobolds, orcs???) seen roaming the countryside the last few days. Also major news is that a Alphatian was found dead in the Canals of Glantri City and that the princes of Glantri have accused Alphatia of sending a spy. Alphatia has denied it, and accused Glantri of murder.

Lunch is done, and the caravan is ready to move on. Suddenly one of the last carts in the caravan falls into a “pot hole” and breaks a wheel. Much of the merchants wares spill out onto the road. Many of the merchants start to laugh before they realize what a mess it has made. Several dwarves tease Sorek about not having the King fix the road after all these years (its not actually the same hole). Laughter dies down once the seriousness of the incident becomes clear. They estimate that it will take some time to fix the wheel and reload the cart safely. The caraven cant wait that long for one cart, so it is decided to leave the cart behind until it can be repaired.

After much discussion it is decided that three guards will be left behind with the cart. Darqwan, Gaar and the Shaman are asked to stay behind and meetup with the caravan in Specularum. The owner of the cart, not feeling safe with only three guards, asks Sorek if he would mind staying with the cart and helping escort him the last few miles to the city.

After a 3 or 4 hours the cart is ready to go again, with luck they can reach the city gate and set up the cart in the market before the end of the day.

Old Session 1
Into the sewers

Felmont 10, continued:

As the group traveled to Specularum, they saw occasional flashes of light ahead. Eventually they were ambushed by kobolds. Gaar got the campaign off to a good start by killing a minion with a daily power.

The group later has several strange encounters on the way to Specularum.

First a farmer ran out of a field of corn (Kelson’s farm) claiming that a young dragon was destroying his crops. He asked the heroes to take care of it. The group did see a dragon, but sensed deception from the farmer and declined to help. The farmer ran off in a huff.

Next the group encounter a group of migrant workers picking apples. The sold the group a bussel. Finally they meet another group that seemed very interested in buying apples.

The group arrives at the gates of Specularum and plan to report the suspicious farmer but learn the captain of the guard is off duty for the rest of the night. They are directed to the Juggling Ogre and spend the night.

Felmont 11:

In the morning overhear commotion in the streets. They learn that Juster Dainworth has been kidnapped by thugs. His wife Selina urges them to rescue him. The group meet a shady character named Skritch in the ally who is a rejected member of the Iron Ring, one of the 3 thieves guildes in the city. He offers to help so he can get some revenge on them.

The group follows the trial down to the sewers. The first fight a group of deadly spiders. Then backtrack and come across an ancient Ziggurat belonging to an ancient civilization known as Nithia. The enter and disturb some sarcophagus and are attacked by a large group of skeletons.
At first the skeletons just try to push the group out. But then things escalate…..

Old Session 2
The Iron Ring Part 1

Felmont 11, Continued:

….Since the group didn’t get the hint to leave the crypt, and disturbed more sarcophagi, more skeletons appeared as well as a wight. After dispatching the horde of skeletons they searched the ziggurat a secret compartment was found. This was full of ancient Nithian artifacts.

The group continued searching the sewers and eventually came out near the docks. Here they found a few iron ring thugs loading a couple of prisoners into a small boat. One of these prisoners was Magnus Lightforge. The other was a merchant from the caravan, that Magnus was protecting. With Magnus help the group defeated the thugs. The merchant informed the group about a secret entrance that the iron ring was using to hide a few more future slaves, including Juster Dainworth. He then ran to fetch the city guard. The group headed to the secret door and burst into the hideout, where 4 iron ring thugs guarded the last remaining slaves. After the fight it was discovered that a few more merchants had already been taken away. Their fates remain unknown.

As the group headed back out, a group of city guards were inspecting the ziggurat. Sergeant Wilko greeted the group and escorted them to meet Captain Mikel Vorloi, whom they had hoped to speak with the night before.
Skitch sneaked off at the sight of the guards.

Old Session 3
Farmer Kelson I presume?

Felmont 11 Cont:

The group met Captain Vorloi and turned over the Nithian Artifiacts to him. He gave them a receipt for them so they could collect a finders fee from the treasury.

The group told him about the farmer at Kelsons farm. Based on the information given to the guards the night before a group had been sent out to investigate, since the description of the farmer did not match the real Keson. They found Kelson and his family slaughtered.

During the previous night the group had learned a few things about the dragons they had seen. The dragons are cursed. For generations a mother dragon would have two dragonlings, a male and female. These children would then mate and have two dragonlings themselves. Upon the birth of the dragonlings the mother and grandmother will kill the male dragon. The older generations of the dragons seem to sleep for years at a time as part of the curse. The group had witnessed the murder of the father dragon after the birth of the children.

Upon hearing that the imposter farmer had wanted the group to kill a baby dragon, concern was raised over what the mother and grandmother would do if a baby was killed.

Vorloi thought it was imperitive the group capture the imposter before he could trick someone else into killing the baby dragon.

The group managed to find a group of Kobolds(?) in the corn. A fight insued. Just as victory seemed assured, the imposter managed to summon another group of Kobolds who were further down the road. The group was victourious and managed to take the imposter alive.

At the farm the group found a cart with a barrel full of a substance that was used to lure the dragon to the farmers crops. Also found was a crate full of tabords with the city guards emblems on them.

The imposter was strong willed and did not reveal much information. However when asked how he served he answered simply:

“Who am I “in league with”? Oh, you’ll find out eventually. You’ll be “in league with” him too in a few short years. So why couldn’t you just do the valiant deed of killing the stupid hatchling? Isn’t that what heroes do, hmmm?" Looking at Sorek, ‘So invoker of Ixion, do these silly worshipers of Thor follow you the way Thor follows Ixion? Why don’t you convert to Bozdogan now, it will make things easier on you when we serve the same master!’

Eventually the group decides to take him back to the guards for imprisonment, to which he replies:

“Interesting, you have confidence in the guards of Specularum. The same ones who allowed me to take my pick of tabords. Well then what are you waiting for, hop to it, lets get going. "

Who his master is he never revealed. Amongst his money the group found coins minted from unfamiliar lands.

Old Session 4
Off to the Silver Princess Palace to rescue Magnus's dad

Felmont 12

The group talks to Captain Vorloi and tells him what they found. They inform him that he has a mole in his guards. He says he will look into it. He askes the group if they are interested in helping a friend of his in Darokin. Magnus points out that he needs to find his father and the group decides to help him instead.

Felmont 13

Group trains to 2nd level

Felmont 14

Sorek reveals that Bruen Lightforge visited him a few weeks ago. He seemed to be looking for some weapon he loaned to another Dwarf named Sorek. Apparently he was confused. He mentioned something about an Eye, and left the next day.

Following clues on the street the group eventually consulted with Bolto Nordenshield and the Church of Traladara. Eventually it was determined that Bruno headed to Haven, a small “Kingdom” within Karameikos.

Felmont 15

The group leaves for Haven via river boat.

Felmont 20

The group arrives in Haven and find get directions to the Palace of the Silver Princess, up in the mountains.

Felmont 21

Arrive at the palace and find it encased in some crimson dome. They are contacted by an immortal Thendara, aka the Protector. The immortal is only concerned with the welfare of Haven. Thendra asks for their help, and is able to open a doorway for a short time.

The group finds Bruen turned into stone, in the act of knocking on the door.

The group had a few minor battles with rats, skeletons and a green slime.

They continued on ….

Old session 5
a harp, a statue and a dog

Felmont 22:

After a good nights sleep the group continues on. After fighting some zombies they find a statuette of a Dragon, which might help destroy the eye of Arik. They also meet a ghost of a musician who gives the group a harp that may help destroy the eye. She tells the group the notes to play.

They encounter an insane man and a large wolf. Afterwards discover man was formerly the captain of the guards, and the wolf his pet collie. Through the exploration the group has noticed most people were turned to stone, but some where transformed like the captain and his dog.

Also humanoids have taken over the palace, but fortunately they don’t seem to be organized and are mostly just squatters.

Despite being low on resources, the group carries on. This could be a decision they regret….

Old Session 6
Darqwan dies (but he got better!)

The group low on resource decided to continue on. They entered a room full of orcs. During the battle Darqwan was slain. However during the night he was resurected by the Protector. The group also woke up feeling stronger then before (level 3).

After more battles, the group found a second statuette of a dragon. During the next extended rest the group received another dream, in which the Protector informed the group there was only about 36 hours left before the curse became permanent. She promised to use the last of her powers to free them if they failed.

There was an earthquake that blocked off some of the unexplored parts of the Palace.

Old Session 7
Maybe we shouldn't stop to smell the roses

Felmont 23

The group uses the hand of fate to help expedite their search, they are pointed upstairs and make their way up the stairs. After fighting some troglodytes the group descovers the room of a wizard. The wizard seems to be turned to stone in the process of shaving. The group sees a strange cat that ca change into a panther. Sorek finds a nice staff.

The group makes it way to a garden that has been twisted by the magic of the eye. The vines and roses come alive to attack the group.

Old Session 8
Wedding? But I don't have a thing to wear...

Felmont 23 cont.

After pruning the roses, the group come across a strange tentacled creature called a decapus.

Finally the group found a cleric in the process of casting a ritual to make the dome permanent. He is joined by some friends, including a werewolf. The group defeats the cleric and stop the ritual. The group is so depleted they decide to rest up. The build a barrier out of dead bodies, but unfortunatly they have to fight off two groups of wandering monsters, including a couple of harpies.

Felmont 24

After waking up the group finally finds the eye. As they approach, the dragon statuettes react and summon a white dragon. The dragon breaths on the eye, destroying it. Immediatly everyone turns back to flesh, and the ill effects of the magics of the eye are reversed.

The group meets Princess Argenta, who introduces her fiance Ellis the Strong, who is the master of the white dragon. The group is invited to stay for the wedding in a week. They meet Mirabus, the wizard they saw shaving. He is instant on getting his staff back. He compromises by crafting a new staf for Sorek, so he can keep his old staff.

After the wedding and celebrations the group leaves for Specularum again.

Frymont 2

Group leaves for Kelvin, where they will catch another boat to Specularum.

Old Session 9
You had a bad day

Frymont 4

Group got a free ride from Havin to Kelvin. While in Kelvin meet some horse trains that asked for assistance in transporting their horses. They planned to leave in a week, which gave the group time to go back to Specularum.

Frymont 5

Leave for Specularum

Frymont 6

The group arrives in Specularum and are approached by Skritch. He informs the group that a Iron Ring courier disappeared on the road from Specularum to Kelvin. He was carrying a letter to the unofficial headquarters of the Iron Ring in Threshold. Skritch suggested that there might be some important information in the messages.

They also talk to Captain Vorloi. He informs the group that several people have disappeared on the road in the last week or so, and asks the group if they can investigate. The group manages to convince the families of the missing to offer up a reward. The group leaves that afternoon.

About 2 hours north of Specularum, the group encounter one of the baby green dragons. The manage to keep it calm as they try to figure a way into the cave behind it, where perhaps it victims corpses remain. After some time its sibling arrives and the two start to scrabble. Eventually the new sibling convinces the other to follow it home.

The group enters the cave and finds the missing people. They also find the missing courier and his letter. The group reads it in the cave, then as the exit the cave they discover a large group of iron ring thugs have come looking for the letter as well. Apparently they were hiding from the dragon waiting for an opportunity to get it themselves.

An Epic battle ensued. One of the iron ring was heard to say, “hey I thought there would be 5 of them. There’s only 4, we should be able to win this easily.” Some bad luck ensued where they were cornered and the apposing controller was able to target all of them on more then one occasion. At one point the Dinah, the healer, was unconscious, but when she became conscious an enemy berserker was immobilized right in front of her. She tried bluffing that she was still unconscious, but eventually the berserker caught on.

Finally it was down to Sorek and Gaar vs. Armos Hammerhand and a berserker. Sorek and Gaar started kiting the enemies and this allowed them to come close to pulling it out. But alas it was not to be.

Gaar was prodded awake in the cave. He found himself being taunted by Armos. As he lay there memories started to flood back. He remembered the day his parents died, and he could see Hammerhand swinging the sword that severed his parents head right in front of him. Hammerhand seemed to take pleasure in take Gaar into slavery for a second time.

Eventually the berserker came back with a cart that the group (unconscious at the time) was loaded into, and transported in secret to the slavers slave pits.


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