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Can I hit a blind man?

Fyrmont 16 cont.

After defeating the weird cloaker monster, the group inspected the hapless slack-jawed hobgoblin in the room. It was determined his cloak was magical and the group decided to relieve him of this burden. It turned out to be a clock of protection + 2 (treat as the amulet of protection + 2).

The group opened the door and found a winding corredor with many doors. The first contained a human blacksmith and his 2 orc assistants. The confinced the group that they were not a threat, and gave some information and were allowed to live. The blacksmith requested that his wife in the next room not be harmed. The wife in the other room, quickly shooed the group away as they were tracking mud on the floor she was busy sweeping.

In another room, the group found 8 sleeping goblins. Oswald tried to steal all of their weapons, but failed on the 4th. The waking goblins were quickly slain. In another room they found two hobgoblin sergents that appeared to have finished a drinking contest. They didn’t put up much of a fight.

In the next room the group meet a merchant who was here on buisness to buy slaves. The group made it clear that he was not to buy slaves and if they other caught him again he would be killed. He assured the group they would not catch him again.

In another room was 8 kobolds and 8 goblins betting on a fight between a halfling and a badger. The group posed as betters and got into position and started to slaughter them. The halfling took advantage of this and slew one himself.

The group went back to the room where the fight was and discovered the halfling had already left. They captured the badger and riled him up and threw him in the room with the merchant. The merchant killed it easy and came out mad. (We just decided the group killed him without going through the motions). The group found a map of the slave route which leads to fort doom, which is in the Barony of Halag (run by Duke Stephen Karameikos’s cousin).

Finally the group found the dining room (they were told there was stairs here that lead down to the lower level where Markessa, the leader of this site lives).

Here they fought a tough warlord named Icar, who appeared to be blind. He was assisted by 8 Hobboblin archers (like Grulog) and 3 wereboars. 3 members of the group contracted Moon-tusk fever. The last hobgoblin archer was about to run away when Gaar offered him to join you. He seemed interested/releived. The group was discussing how to “initiate” him (given what happened last time). This is were we left off. The group was planing on an extended rest.

On Icar the group found a greatsword or great opportunity, and forgemaster gloves. They also found a message in brail, and a ring of keys. In the room is a large firepit. In addition to the door you came in, there are 5 (I believe) doors. Behind one you heard the squealing of a boar. (I think you guys killed it but I could be wrong). You were debating on where to rest.

Old Session 14
Gaar has Deja-vu

From Meetup board forum

Frymont 16

While you rested a couple of hobgoblin guards came to check if you were on the 2nd floor. One tricked the other to go down by himself, because they were both scared. Dinah convinced the loser that the place was still haunted with her spirit. The other closed him in and left him to die. He then reported to his superior that the 2nd floor was still haunted and that his buddy didn’t make it. Later you witnessed a large group of hobgoblins heading out. Several of them were attending some carts that were loaded with dead hobgoblins and such. You saw in a distance that some brook off from the path and started a funeral pyre. These came back, but well over 30 did not return.

Later, Jeff the Halfling came back and informed you that the village of Luln was prepared for the hobgoblins and slew them, with minimal loses on their side. He also informed you that there was another region in the fort that was believed to be haunted, but in fact was occupied by an “escaped” halfling who was “not all there”.

The group discovered that the remaining outer forces had fallen back to a courtyard. The group also saw that the towers with the ballista’s were again occupied by 4 hobgoblins each. Gaar and Grulog played the old Wookie prisoner trick to catch them off guard. Then the team set up tactical formations with Forinar and Grulog on the walkway, and the rest of the group sneaking up to the courtyard from the ground. Eventually they were all defeated except for one who ran away inside the main fort.

Inside you discovered that in his panic he triggered one of their own traps, which was when a door was opened, a large stuffed bear on wheels came rolling down and pushed him into a pit behind him.

The group explored some rooms that were now empty, and finally came to a trick hallway. The hallway had a mirror that made it look like one long hall, but there was in fact a turn up ahead. There appeared to be 3 mummies coming at you. Forinar shot an arrow that broke the mirror. As the group fought the hobgoblins disguised as mummies, 7 more appeared from behind from a secret door.

They then walked through some winding carpeted hallways and Gaar landed in a pit.

Finally the group entered a room with many slaves in at that all looked hypnotized or something. The room had several levels about 1 or 2 feet in height. In the corner was another hobgoblin that also appeared to be hypnotized. The group could hear a low hum that made them feel nervous. At the far end were several cloaks. As Gaar reached for one it came alive.

The group fought a Cloaker, which was able to envelop Gaar, and do several other nasty things.

The night ended with the death of the cloaker.

Note, this room was used to break Gaar’s spirit when he was a child, prior to him being sold as a gladiator to a Thaytion nobleman.

Old Session 13
Introducing Oswald

Frymont 14

Once the group arrives in Specularum they train to 5th level. They speak to Capt. Vorloi who tells them about a friend of his in Darokin who has a job he would like to hire them for. He gives directions in case they are interested.

While in town the group also collects their reword for the Nitian treasure found several weeks ago. They also collect their reword from the families of the victoms of the green dragon for find the bodies of their loved ones.

While staying at the juggeling ogre, the group realises they are too late for the mission in Kelvin regarding horse trainers. They meet a halfling sorcerer from the Five-Shires named Oswald. He informs the group that there deeds against the iron ring/slavers has caught his attention. Since they seem to raid the five shires often, he is interested in joining up on any misions they have against the slavers.

Frymont 15

Group arrives in Luln, gets some information and head to the stockaids.

On the way there, the group encounters a halfling named Jeff who has just escaped from the stockaid. He informs the group that the rope he used to escape is still tied to a second floor window. He says that they guards are believe that the 2nd floor aread of the curtain wall is haunted and avoid it.

Upon arriving Oswald volunteers to sneak up to the rope. Unfortunetly he is spoted. He tried to bluff the guards above but fails. Fortunatly the group is able to kill the two guards quitely and are able to sneak in.

Once inside the group encounters a Haunt that trys to posses Gaar, but is only successful for a short time. After defeating the Haunt the group heads down and tries to enter the inner keep by going through a portculis. Unfortnetly there is a patch of mud in front of it, and upon entering it they are attacked by an Ankheg. The battle with the Ankheg draws the attention of some guards and their weird pet creatures called boogles which have a phasing ability. Somehow this battle didn’t draw the attention of the guards on the walls. (can’t seem to remember the order of events here or how this was done).

The group went back to the outer wall and to the upper levels where they fought the guards there as well as archers along the top of the wall and the top of the inner keep wall. Some of the group went inside to shoot arrows and spells out of windows at guards and hobgoblins shooting balista from the inner wall. Gaar manage to work his way to the inside of the inner wall and came through a trap door of the roof. As he was about the kill the last remaining hobgoblin manning the balistas the hobgoblin surrendered and pleaded for mercy.

The group took the hobgoblin back to the haunted level. The hobgoblin, Grulog, offered his services for 6gp per day (this was actually a raise for him). Sorek not willing to trust a hobgoblin, intimidated him into swearing loyalty to an immortal (name lost in the meetup switch). This seemed to upset Ixion who denied Sorek of radient effects to his powers until he had atoned for the insult.


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