Beginning Anew

Our heroes meet and begin adventuring

Ambyrmont 15

Our heroes, having recently completed a job cleaning out a barn for Jeddarin Corran, are given the opportunity for more profitable work.

Jeddarin Corran has recently inherited the estate of his dearly departed brother. Among the brother’s belongings was a trunk of papers. Amidst these papers was a deed for a castle. A short investigation determined that the castle, long abandoned, has not been claimed by anyone else and therefore now belongs to Jeddarin.

Jeddarin had sent his son to the castle, just to check it out. While he was there, he found evidence that the castle was not abandoned, but that squatters appear to inhabit the castle keep.

Jeddarin asks the adventurers to go to the castle and clear the keep. He offers the heroes 50 gp each, to be paid one third now and two thirds upon the success of their mission. Additionally, he offers the heroes all the fish they can eat plus any gold, jewelry, goblets, etc of value they may find while clearing the castle. There are two conditions: they may not take any papers, furniture or textiles and any items of value taken from the keep must be presented to Jeddarin so that he may have the opportunity to purchase the items from the adventurers. He also gives the party a healing potion.

Jeddarin’s son, Noriad, leads them on the 10 day journey over land and water to the keep. Once there, Jedarrin does not want him to participate in clearing the keep. 5 days over land, 2 over water and 2 more very difficult days through overgrown wilderness and they arrive at the keep.

Ambryrmont 25

The keep consists of a large donjon. There is evidence that the place has been recently repaired and the large entry door appears to be brand new.

Two of the heroes, the ranger and the alchemist, scale the keep wall and lift the large oak plank that blocks the entry. As the party enters the courtyard, a handful of menacing birds approach them. they fight. Some birds are defeated, two fly off. These birds are unusual. They appear to be grackles – a type of blackbird that has an electrical charge in their bite.

The castle itself is built into a cliff face and appears to be cylindrical, 4 or 5 stories tall with a flat roof. There is a pile of rubble in one corner of the courtyard.

The heroes decide to investigate the rubble. It appears to be the remains of a landslide from the cliff face above. During their investigation, they find several snakes who are none so happy that their home has been disturbed. Some of the heroes take con damage and one manages to smack himself pretty well in the head with his own weapon, staggering himself, before the snakes are finally dispatched.

Having managed to refresh their comrade, the group turns their focus to the castle itself. The ranger, Richard, takes 3 rounds to splinter the entry door. They enter the castle and are ambush . Several gray, glowing zombie like people are hidden among the piles of chairs, tables and other furniture that have been strewen about this room. These creatures talents lie in their ability to shock whomever they manage to grapple as well as their decidedly unzombie like ability to use language and work together toward a goal. The adventurers kill most of these. A few run away.

Beyond this main entry room is another room that contains boxes of rotted clothing. Not much else to see here.

The second floor appears to be the throne room. The throne sits across the room from a large fireplace. Other pieces of furniture are scattered about. The group encounters a handful of spider like creatures. Spiderlike in their shape, but not all these creatures have 8 legs. They decide to let the spiders go unharmed. The summoner seems interested in the spiders and manges to capture one. He decides to stash it in the boxes on the ground floor.

The third floor has a long hallway with 6 doors, 3 on either side of the hallway. All of the rooms are bedrooms. Most are empty but for the furniture one would expect to find in a bedroom in various states of disrepair and neglect. One of the rooms contains one of those zombie like creatures. It is asleep on a bed. The group kills it in its sleep. The alchemist notices that the halway floor has no dust, after a quick search a secret door is found. The group places items in front of the door so they can detect if anything comes out of the door while they are exploring.

The stairway leads up to an antechamber that leads through an open doorway, the door having been splintered, into the master bedroom. This room is in shambles. Inside there are various mundane weapons including a magic dagger (the alchemist takes this). A bureau in this room contains a moldy leather bag containing 100 gp, 3 garnets, and a finely wrought ring. The ring has a crystal stone and the image of a mountain goat and is inscribed “A. Corran”. The adventurers take these items. The space above the fireplace glaringly empty. In fact, there is a faint circle on the wall, as if something round had once hung there and had recently been removed. While searching the room, 4 more zombie like creatures enter the room from below, and are quickly dispatched.

The fifth floor was the kitchen. There are two fireplaces across the room from each other. The roof above has holes in it. Birds have come into the room through these holes and nested inside. Adventurers that get too close to a nest are dive bombed by angry birds. There is a trapdoor in the ceiling.

Andrath,the alchemist, heads up to the roof through the trap door. He sees a weak wooden floor that has broken through in several area and an old broken water tank. He climbs onto the roof and promptly falls through back into the kitchen.

So far, we have killed 9 zombies.


dom jom = donjon see this

Beginning Anew

Thanks for the detailed log Jen. I made a few updates (including dates).

Beginning Anew

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